Higgins Shellfish Company, C. 1920.

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This 18.5 x 24.5 oil on panel features Captain Higgins oyster shack and boatyard Circa  late 1800's. Soft color theme - gray sky with fog lifting to expose a strip of blue, weathered shingles, and a off-white dragger typically used in the oystering industry. Eventually the shack was moved to the other side of Commercial Street and opened as Captain Higgins Seafood Restaurant, now The Pearl.

As described by Doug Roberts in a 1984 article for the Cape Codder newspaper -"before the days of television, all the local news, politics, social happenings, and all the hilarious doings of 'foreigners' emanated from the Spit and Chatter Club. The membership of course was closed. One had to be a life-long resident of Wellfleet, wear hip-boots folded down, carry a quahog rake, play checkers, be fluent in local profanity, and clam up when customers came to buy shellfish."