Cat Sculptures

Cats on fish,riding a whale or portrayed as the feline pet of a well-known artist...made of my special formula of acrylic plaster and often mounted on a wooden lobster pot buoy. Some available as shown here, and also to order.


This is the latest selection of artwork. To purchase items, please visit the online store.

Hand Made One Lucky Cat/Maneki Neko Products

These lucky cats bring abundance and good fortune to you - based on 17th C. Japanese myth about a cat named Tana living in a Buddhist temple. She beckoned to a Samurai warrior caught in a storm, and thus rescued him and his troops from being hit by lightening. All over Asia there are temples honoring the Maneki Neko. You see them frequently in Chinese and Thai Restaurants. My oil paintings placed in windows facing out guaranteed to bring good luck. Your own cat can be immortalized from  a photo when portrayed as a Maneki Neko.