Your personal collection has more than aesthetic value when you are part of the planning and design. If you are in search of a piece of artwork that truly represents your personal taste and style, you can commission me to paint it for you. I have been painting Cape landscapes and waterscapes for many years and I specialize in oysters shells and historic oyster shacks, vintage doorways, pet portraits and painted furniture, including jelly cabinets and flat screen TV covers.

By commissioning, you acquire something completely unique that fits that special spot in your home or office. Time and trust are the two necessary ingredients - your ideas and my experience can produce customer satisfaction.

To commission a piece of artwork, contact me by phone or email to discuss your project. Please include medium, size and subject and we will set up an appointment to meet in my studio or your home to discuss the details. Many customer testimonials and referrals available.

Bluefish Table

Bluefish Table
This bluefish tabletop, 22 inches in diameter, is an example of commissioned hand painted furniture. Table stands 30 inches, graceful legs, flounder detail at base. You can see this table as a store item. I also produce Amish-style jelly and linen cabinets with nautical themes that include mermaids, fish and creatures of the deep. Let's collaborate on a design and color theme that fits your home and budget. Non-toxic acrylic paint only.

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